Bathing is lacking, 15 minutes is best

Washing a hot bath when tired is a good way to eliminate fatigue, but many people feel that washing time is long, but they will feel weak.

From a scientific point of view, it is most uncomfortable to take a bath more continuously.

  When the human body is tired, it often shows muscle soreness, and the warm water bath has a stimulating effect on the sympathetic nerve, which can achieve a calming effect.

Bathing can also speed up blood circulation and increase the body’s metabolism level, making people feel excited.

In addition, fatigue has a certain relationship with the concentration of lactic acid in human blood.

Foreign experiments show that after the athletes exercised a large amount of exercise, they were soaked in warm water of 43 °C for 5 minutes, and the concentration of lactic acid in the blood hardly changed. After 10 minutes of bubble washing, the concentration of lactic acid decreased by 7-8 mg; continueAfter 30-60 minutes of soaking, the concentration of lactic acid in the blood is basically restored to the level before fatigue.

  For ordinary people who have less physical exertion in their lives, taking a bath for about 15 minutes, the body’s lactic acid concentration can be restored to the level before fatigue. When the time is long, it will increase physical exertion and restore fatigue.

  Also note that do not take a shower immediately after exercise.

Because the human heart rate rises sharply at this time, the heart load is reduced, a large amount of blood is used to supply muscle tissue, and immediately taking a bath reduces the heart rate change, and the blood flows to the skin in a large amount, causing insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, leading to collapse.

Therefore, you should rest for half an hour to one hour after exercise. After the body has basically recovered from exercise stress, take a shower.

The water temperature at which the muscles are most relaxed during bathing is 38 ° C – 40 ° C.