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Quick-frozen dumplings are foods that many friends will have at home because cooking quick-frozen dumplings is relatively simple and can quickly solve their own replacement problems.

There are also many ways to sleep frozen, such as steaming, boiling, frying, etc.

There are many ways to make dumplings, and they can also be made with noodles to enrich the variety of staple foods.

The first trick: If you are free, you can eat dumplings in the kitchen to eat, then it will not prevent you from making some efforts when noodles are added. When making noodles with dumplings, add 1 egg every 500 grams of noodles.The noodles that come out will increase the protein content. When making dumplings, you will find that the noodles held in your hands are not “strong” and easy to knead. When the dumplings are cooked in the pan, the protein will shrink and solidify, making the dumpling skin crusty.Strong and difficult to stick.

In this way, the dumplings wo n’t “crash soup” after being cooked in the wok;

If you want the meat to cook faster, add some vinegar to the water.

Second trick: If you cook quick-frozen dumplings, put a small amount of salt after boiling the water, wait for the salt to dissolve, and then drop the dumplings into the pot.

The advantage of using this method to cook dumplings is that in the process of cooking dumplings, you do n’t need to turn or use cold water. You know that the dumplings are cooked and the boiling water will not spill out., Do not stick to the pot.

The dumplings contained in the pan are left without sticking.

The third trick: Before boiling the dumplings, add some scallion tips, and then dump the dumplings after the water is boiled, so that the dumplings won’t break easily and won’t stick.

The fourth trick: After the dumplings are cooked, first remove the dumplings with a hoe fence, dip them in warm boiling water prepared beforehand, and then load the plates, so that the processed dumplings will never stick together again.
Fifth trick: use dumplings to cook dumplings: cover the pan and cook the skin, open the pan and cook the stuffing.

After boiling the pot all over, order the cold water three times, then cook the dumplings and cook them. They are not sticky and delicious.

If you also like to eat dumplings, but you are worried that the dumplings are broken, then we must learn these techniques, which can help us eat whole dumplings.

How to cook quick-frozen dumplings? Quick-frozen foods are quick-frozen foods processed by rapid low temperature. The moisture and juice in food tissues will not be lost.

In recent years, various frozen foods have been loved by many consumers.

Like quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen buns, and more.

Of course, on the market?
It’s still frozen dumplings!

So, how do quick-frozen dumplings taste delicious?

1. There should be more water for cooking dumplings. Add an appropriate amount of salt to increase the resistance of the dumpling skin.

2. Put the dumplings into the pot before boiling water. Stir from time to time to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the pan.

3. Don’t let the water boil too much, otherwise the dumplings will break easily. You can add cold water in series after the water is boiled, and then add cold water after the water is boiled. Repeat this three times.

4. Observe the shape of dumplings when cooking dumplings. The dumplings will gradually soften when they are out of the pot. If the dumplings float on the water and the surface of the dumplings is uneven, it means that the dumplings are cooked.

5, quick-frozen dumplings are frozen for too long, the moisture on the skin of the dumplings will evaporate, the dumplings will not be easy to cook, and they will be a bit stale. It is not suitable to boil over high heat. Slowly cook the dumplings over medium and low heat.