[Can mugs make tea? These two bad habits are very hurting]_How to make tea_How to make tea

Some time ago, the online insulation cup became a hot word.

For example, middle-aged people like to hold thermos cups and put some wolfberry in it, which is almost the official standard.

It was found through understanding that its practical insulated cup of tea is not desirable.

If you make tea with a thermos cup, you should drink tea in time.

Do not soak for too long, and understand how to clean and use the mug.

How to clean the insulation cup, use 1.

Thorough cleaning It is best to thoroughly wash the thermos cup once a day to prevent it from generating odor and remove stains. It should be noted that during the cleaning process, do not simply rinse it with water. The cup surface, inner liner, and bottle cap are all cleaned.In place.


Wash the liner first and then the bottle cap. If you want to thoroughly clean the insulation cup, it is best to put a small amount of salt in the bottle, add warm water and shake it evenly, soak for 5?
After 10 minutes, remove the lid, squeeze some toothpaste on the toothbrush, gently brush the gap between the bottle caps, and then rinse the whole inside and outside of the cup with water. Remember not to cover the lid immediately after washing, it should be completely driedCover it after drying to avoid stinking in the stainless steel insulation cup.


Don’t make tea and drink Many middle-aged people like to make tea in a thermos cup. As everyone knows, this is not recommended.

Tea in a thermos cup will destroy vitamins. Tea is rich in sulfuric acid, theophylline, tea sesame oil and multivitamins. If the tea is continuously immersed in high temperature water, the vitamins in the tea will be destroyed, and a large amount of tea sesame oil will be destroyed.Volatile, sulfuric acid, theophylline exudates in large quantities.

This will damage the nutritional value of tea and increase harmful substances.

It is generally recommended that thermos cups are best used for drinking water, tea, beverages, dairy products or Chinese medicine.

The bad habits of life are very hurting1.

After a meal, some people ca n’t wait to smoke a cigarette after eating, and it is also called “a cigarette after a meal, over the living fairy.

But the fact is that a cigarette after a meal is more harmful than usual smoking ten cigarettes. This is because after eating a meal, people absorb the peristalsis more strongly, and the human blood circulates again. At this time, the ability of the human body to absorb smoke reaches “”Best condition”, harmful substances in smoke enter the human body more easily than usual, endangering our health.


Coffee espresso contains high concentration of caffeine. Studies show that if you drink 5 or more cups of coffee a day, you are twice as likely to develop heart disease as non-drinkers.There are many harms.