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Yangmei can be said to be suitable for all ages, both in terms of taste and efficacy, there are many possibilities for the human body.

There are many ways to eat bayberry. Among them, fresh bayberry is most commonly eaten after washing. However, bayberry seasoning desserts are also very popular. In summer, people have a weak appetite and a bad appetite, so eating bayberry is very beneficial.of.

Today I will teach you how to make bayberry bitter gourd.


How to make bitter gourds: Wash the bayberry and soak it in salt water for 10 minutes (soak it with salt water if it has bugs in it). Soak the bayberry and dry it slightly to dry out some water.

Wash the bitter gourd, remove the melon scoop, cut into pieces and use a larger pot. Put the bayberry and bitter gourd in the pot first, then sprinkle the white sugar on the top, and accumulate for two or three hours.The bitter gourd that will be boiled will not be too rotten and can be formed.) Overlap the bitter gourd with medium and low heat and stir while boiling to prevent sticking.

Boil until it feels thick, and leave it on the plate for half a minute to make it thick and not too thin. If it is too thin, boil it for a while and try it properly.

(It takes about two to three hours to cook for the whole process.) Turn off the heat, bounce the bottles, and the healthy and delicious jam is ready.


Bayberry boiled bitter gourd and bitter gourd dig out the seeds, cut into the same size as bayberry, put bayberry bitter gourd crystal sugar in a non-stick pan, add water, and cook on low heat.

Flip from time to time during this period.

(Originally, it was cooked on a high fire and changed to a low fire. My portion is small and I cook it directly on a low fire.) This is the way to cook it. Should it be longer, it should be glued?
There is no strange taste in the imagination, the taste is sour and sweet, and the bitter gourd becomes easy to import!

Iced snacks are more delicious.


Bitter gourd materials: 5 kg of plum, 3 bitter gourds, 2 kg of sugar.

Practice: 1 Wash the bitter gourd first and dry it.

Cut into appropriately sized pieces and eat them as snacks, so smaller ones are better.

Add the bayberry to dry the water, otherwise it will have a ripe taste.

Originally, a casserole was used, but because it used 5 pounds of bayberry, the casserole was too small and only an iron pan was used.

The bitter gourd bayberry appetizer is a pure natural food. Bayberry is added directly to the pot without adding too much salt. I only add a small spoon and boil it over low heat. After a while, do not add water. Cook the bayberry juice for 30 minutesMost of it is over.

Pour down the prepared bitter gourd and turn it evenly with bayberry.

After 20 minutes, the bitter gourd is soft and easy to taste.

Add sugar, a pound of bayberry and four or two sugars. Acute people can use medium heat to boil this large pot of juice, cook until the sauce is half, and then change to low heat, because this process will take more than an hourAlso, stir slowly to prevent sticking to the pan.