Beware of “honeymoon disease” during the honeymoon period

Newlywed honeymoon, this is the best time of my life.
However, many young women began to have frequent urination, pain during urination, back pain and nausea, vomiting, fever, and coldness during the wedding period, adding an unpleasant shadow to the honeymoon.
What is the reason for this?
  What is “honeymoon disease”?
  Honeymoon disease refers to the honeymoon of a newlywed couple. Due to the initial or frequent sexual life, the natural barrier around the female urethra is damaged to some extent, the urethral mucosa is damaged, the bacterial infection is inflamed, and then the bacteria invade the bladder from the urethra.It causes acute cystitis, so it is also called honeymoon cystitis.
Also known as urinary tract infection.
  Reasons for “Honeymoon Disease” According to gynaecologists, there are two important ways to produce “honeymoon disease”.
First, because during the honeymoon of the newcomer, the newlyweds are busy preparing for marriage, the diet is irregular, and the nutritional supply is in short supply, resulting in decreased immunity.
Second, the newly-married couple lacks the necessary knowledge of the reproductive organs and the necessary cleaning measures, and the sexual life is too frequent and too frequent, causing bacteria to invade the urethra and other parts causing infectious diseases.
  How to prevent “honeymoon disease”?
  Gynecologists reminded that the “honeymoon disease” should be focused on prevention.
First of all, we must pay attention to sexual health care.
Both husband and wife should clean the vulva before going to bed every night, especially before sex, the man must clean the genitals, otherwise it will bring bacteria into the woman’s urethra and increase the chance of urinary infection.
Secondly, drink more sugar-free water and urinate frequently.
From the point of anatomical physiology, women’s urethra is short and close to the anus, which is very conducive to the breeding of bacteria. In order to avoid the infection of the urethra caused by bacteria, the urethra must be rinsed out by urinating.
Third, sexual life should be moderate.
Newly-married couples have strong sexual desires and should be properly controlled during the “honeymoon” period.
At the same time, it is necessary to ban “red light”, that is, the newlywed honeymoon is during the menstrual period of the woman, then avoid the same room.
Because the cervix of the menstrual period is open, sexual life is not only easy to cause urinary tract infection, but also causes other inflammation.