Get up and do 3 things first, health and longevity

The first thing: take a deep breath and wake up in the morning, do not get up, after 5 minutes of rest, first to the left, then to the right, and finally supine, during which three times stretched, so that the joints fully stretched.

Then, yawn 3?
5 times, immediately get up to a quiet and spacious place, stretched his arms and squat for 10 deep breathing exercises, then laughed once (about 4 minutes in total).

  The second thing: the Quartet is set up, both eyes are flat, first to the east; then, half closed, bowed, turned to the south, and then half-closed, turned and turned to the west; finally,Half-closed and bowed to Beiyuan (a total of about 4 minutes).

  The third thing: the net stool is completed to do the bowel movement once a day in the morning, to develop habits.

When you are having a bowel movement, it is best to recall the most happy and enjoyable things of the past few days, or to think about the best things today and in the future.

This change in spirit and mood helps the bowel movements, makes the stool smooth, and eliminates it thoroughly (usually 3?
5 minutes).

  The long-term persistence of doing the “three things in the morning” is that the joints are removed, the exhaust gas is eliminated, the lung capacity is enhanced, the vision is exercised and protected, and the central nervous system function is improved, thereby enhancing the coordination function of various organs of the body.The purpose of fitness.