Where is the facial liposuction?

There are still a lot of people asking whether facial liposuction is good?

If you want to face-lift, you can do it through the technique of facial liposuction. Everyone knows that the principle of facial liposuction is to remove the aunt from our face to achieve the effect of face-lifting.

  Before facial liposuction and face-lifting, mark the range of local slight accumulation with gentian violet, and repeatedly palpate with your fingers to understand the thickness of local slight tissue. Thicker place should be marked with gentian violet.

Facial liposuction face-lift anus with local infiltration anesthesia, generally 0.


5% lidocaine saline, after overlapping, will be evenly injected into the liposuction area subcutaneous, facial liposuction face until the skin has a stiff feeling.

  Facial liposuction and thin face under the earlobe, red and white lip line in the mouth, the middle part of the ankle is the puncture needle point, generally cut 2mm up and down, facial liposuction thin face needle shrinks the diameter of 2mm round head with a side hole long needle, with 50raL onceThe sex syringe is connected to the liposuction needle and penetrates into the subcutaneous aunt layer. The needle is first pushed to the nearest face, the face is liposuction and face-lifting, and several subcutaneous tunnels are unblocked when no negative pressure is formed, and then the needle plug is pulled to form a negative pressure.A saw-like radial migratory insertion was observed, which was required to be squeezed in a small number of stacked positions, and the face liposuction and face-lifting should pay attention to the uniformity of the replacement until satisfactory.

  Regarding facial liposuction, we can look at what may happen in facial liposuction: hematoma, seroma.

It may be related to the gradual grading too deep, the action is too rough, causing improper dressing pressure.

The hematoma can be withdrawn from the original original needle and then re-stressed.

The pressure can be gradually cooled to prevent hematoma and seroma.


Facial skin, generally not susceptible to infection, but also pay attention to sterility, no heavy-duty operation, to avoid leaving a dead space.

If there is an infection, it is necessary to change the medicine in time, and if necessary, rinse with antibiotic liquid.

Systemic application of antibiotics.

And choosing a distance hospital is also very important.