Spring Festival long-distance traffic jam, do not open the window to breathe

Long-distance buses are trains, airplanes, and many people return home, but taking the bus is only a sedentary train, urinating and other problems, as well as higher security risks. In addition, the most depressing is definitely traffic jams.

  Traffic jams will always aggravate the symptoms of motion sickness, and it is even more upset. At this time, you should pay attention to calming emotions, drinking plenty of water, eating anti-motion sickness drugs, or sour foods such as oranges.

If the traffic jam does not move on the highway, you can inform the driver to the far highway, and go to the open area behind the green belt to breathe, but do not open the window to breathe, or get off the bus next to the road.

  The serious traffic jams are narrow, crowded, poor air circulation, and high levels of benzopyrene.

It not only stimulates the respiratory tract, it is also a carcinogen.

In addition, during traffic braking, the engine is not completely burned during operation, and other harmful gases are generated. These gases easily enter the lungs of the human body with breathing; the exhaust gas of the automobile also contains harmful substances such as benzene, toluene and xylene;When the tires rub against the ground, they also produce some suspended particulates that are harmful to human health.

Therefore, it is best not to open the window to breathe when the traffic jams.

  By car “emergency” small common sense motion sickness with motion sickness, taking 30 minutes before taking the ride to take the halo, while taking VB1, VB6 each (10mg each), the effect is very good.

  The analgesic hands and forefingers respectively clog the bilateral temples of the head to the inflation pain and rotate clockwise for about one minute.

  Stomach pain, both hands, thumb, legs, three feet (three inches, the vertical side of the vertical bone), three to five minutes after the numbness.

  Relieve angina and use the thumb to rub the roots of the nails in the patient, so that they have obvious pain, and they are pressed and put on for three to five minutes.