[Can you be allergic to eating cod]_Allergies_ 大头 青 _ 大 口 鱼

Cod fish has greatly improved the living standards of people. It has become the most important part of the table for some people. Due to the high nutritional value of cod, DHA has a very good effect on alleviating brain fatigue, but some people think that eating cod will cause allergies.Symptoms, then, eating cod often will be allergic to scolding?

What are the taboos?

1. The cause of allergies caused by eating cod is that the cod contains a variety of special proteins. The activity of these proteins metabolizes the length of the cod after it is salvaged. The longer the time, the more likely it will cause an abnormal reaction in the human body.

2, how to do allergies to cod? Adults who are allergic to cod can use anti-allergic drugs, and large doses of vitamin C can help relieve symptoms.

Do not come into contact with this allergenic substance after recovery.

Cod has high nutritional value, but the shelf life of cod is short. Generally, cod is frozen immediately after being caught, otherwise its meat quality will deteriorate quickly and it will affect health after consumption.

Can be served in dishes or hot pot.

Contraindications to eating cod: Although cod has high nutritional value and has a variety of health effects, you should pay attention to some contraindications when eating.

1. Cod contains ammonia. It should be avoided with sausages, bacon, ham and other processed meat products.

Because these processed meat products are processed using nitrite, when ammonia food and nitrite are eaten together, it is easy to produce nitrosamine in the gastrointestinal tract and increase the probability of carcinogenesis.

2. Do not eat cod with high alkaline acid fruits or raw soy products, otherwise it will hinder the body’s absorption of protein.

3. Women at the age of birth should not eat cod during breastfeeding.