[Cabbage diet]_Cabbage_Slimming_How to eat

Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and cellulose, which can prevent constipation and has a laxative effect.

If cabbage is eaten properly, it will have a weight loss effect. Putting cabbage in a weight loss recipe will have a very helpful effect on weight loss.


Weight loss 1?
3 pounds: cabbage full stomach method This method is suitable for people who are slightly dissatisfied with the weight, or who are obese at the waist and abdomen.

The method of making cabbage is very simple. Replace fresh cabbage leaves 3?
5 slices (whole piece), cut into small pieces and cook in a pot. You can season with some salt in the pot. After the cabbage is cooked to seven minutes, you can fish it out and let it cool. Eat it 20 minutes before the meal.good.

The cooked cabbage is not chewed vigorously, and it is guaranteed to chew more than 25 times per mouth. The light boiled vegetables can make you lose at least 30% of the food intake. After the body has a lot of food fiber, the effect of digestion and detoxification will be moreStrong, if you eat boiled cabbage before three meals a week, losing about 3 pounds of weight is absolutely not a problem.


Weight loss 3?
5 pounds: the difference method of cabbage If you want to lose about 5 pounds, eating cabbage is also easy to do.

The cabbage difference method uses cabbage to selectively replace some of the three meals, achieving a third of the whole-day conversion effect.

There are multiple choices of cabbage replacements, which can be boiled and cold. The results are very good.

However, if it is a cold package, it must be at least 5 years old. During the production process, you cannot add high-level condiments such as blending oil, sesame oil or peanut butter.

Xiaobian recommends that cabbage replacements are best eaten at dinner, and lunch should ensure the intake of protein, lipids and starches.