Too much sleep can cause brain aging

Today, share the relationship between sleep time and health.

  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, another new study in Sleep magazine warns that normal sleep time should be 6-8 hours per night. Too much or too little sleep will lead to brain aging 4-7 years in advance.Cognitive ability accelerates recession and affects the ability to reason and vocabulary.

Deterioration of brain function can eventually lead to decreased constitution and premature death.

  University of London scientists conducted a five-year study of 5,431 participants on the issue of “the impact of sleep disorders on post-middle-age cognitive function in the future”.

Those who slept 7 hours a night had the best results in the expected cognitive test, followed by the participants who slept 6 hours a night.

In male participants, 6 hours of sleep per night, 7 hours and 8 hours have the same effect on cognitive ability, but if you sleep 6 hours or more per night, then there is potential for cognitive ability.influences.

  Scientists say that about 7 hours of sleep is extremely important for human function and health.

Insufficient sleep can affect work and life performance, slow response, and error prone.

In addition, sleep duration is closely related to quality of life, certain social abilities, physical and mental health.

The senior judge of the new study, Jane Fiere, said that poor cognitive ability is directly related to sleep duration after middle age.

More or less sleep and poor quality of sleep have caused more and more harm to health.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to bring reference value to everyone’s health.